Nuclay is a 10+-year-old company offering custom Salesforce development and consultation services to companies of all sizes. Our experts have the experience and expertise in helping nonprofit and charitable organizations leverage technology to their greatest potential. We understand the ethical standards that govern fundraising and programs. We know the policies and procedures to protect donors and constituents. With our expertise, nonprofits can get brilliant solutions for their organization within budget.

Client Business Background

The client is a reputable organization that invests in nonprofit organizations and local institutions that ensure the well-being of people in their community. Their main three areas of focus include improving education for entrepreneurs, supporting cancer patient care along with rehabilitation, and improving the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities. They provide grants to such enterprises that work to improve people’s lives and contribute towards the development of their society.

Customer Challenges

There were several issues that the nonprofit organization was facing because of which they approached us. We could help them with all the challenges and overcome them with our expertise.

1. They wanted to disseminate some user information on a public page.

2. The client needed an onboarding form for potential grant recipients.

3. They wanted a PDF copy of the onboarding form sent to the nonprofit organization approaching the company.

4. The client wanted to capture digital signatures and the IP addresses of the firms approaching them for record-keeping.

5. They wanted to automate the onboarding process by assigning verification to a service executive in the Salesforce internal team.

6. The client expected that after successful verification of the documents; they verified versions to be delivered back to the potential grant recipient.


  • Our primary target was to create a one-stop platform for the client that implements all their requests.
  • The other goal was to inform the client what the outcome of implementing the requested features will look like.

Our Solution

We implemented the Salesforce service cloud to the client’s present system. It had all the features and more than the client was expecting.

Our Approach

  • We started by having a detailed discussion with the client to understand the exact requirements of the project.
  • This way it was easier to localise the issues and understand the problem areas.
  • This led us to figure out all the solutions to the problem and decide on the right fit.
  • We clearly defined the project phases to set the expectations for delivery and implementation. This way the client can understand how long the process will take and what their responsibilities will be.
  • Next, we identified the different channels of communication through which grant seekers can approach the client.
  • We familiarized every team member with the goals and vision of the client and understand the community where the work is in progress.
  • Our work began with the creation of the Salesforce Public page to display the information using the Lightning web component.
  • We had the responsibility of designing the custom profile of different users with their unique record level access.
  • Our job was to configure the Salesforce documentation (or S-Docs) solution to generate PDFs of each document.
  • Our experts configured case assignments rules to handle queries in different scenarios.
  • We also set up auto-response rules for specific incoming requests.
  • Our team also helped the client to configure an email to the case system where Salesforce creates a case directly through the incoming email.
  • We also automated different processes using solutions such as workflow, process builder, and flow.
  • We also automated the process to verify the S-DOC document data and share it with the grant-seeker.
  • The Salesforce service cloud could capture the IP and the location of the nonprofit organizations approaching our client.
  • Our team of experts also created an advanced public reporting system using Salesforce Lightning Web Components (or LWC).
  • Our experts integrated the current system of the client with the Salesforce Documentation solution for efficient processing.
  • In this phase, we shared some recorded videos with the client to help them operate the system features easily.
  • We also held weekly sessions with their in-house team to help them in operating the NPSP services efficiently.
  • Our experts shared documentation regarding the working of the entire project with the client so that they can start working on it seamlessly.
  • We held one-to-one training with each professional to ensure a smooth transition to a new system and to answer any doubts or queries.

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