Nuclay is a powerful firm that offers nonprofit organizations with Salesforce custom development and consulting services. We have been working in this industry for over 10 years and have grown with the times to offer high-quality services to companies of all sizes and types. We have a team that is highly trained, highly experienced developers who build beautiful Salesforce solutions. This team works tirelessly to help businesses define, build, and deliver business value. You can trust Nuclay to deliver best-in-class custom solutions that enhance your ability to do business in the cloud.

Client Business Background

The clients here are nonprofit churches and religious institutions that are using the Salesforce platform to become more efficient, raise more money, and provide better customer service. We help them with planning, training, consulting, and customized development at a fraction of a cost. We focus on training the current staff members to become proficient in how to use the CRM software, so they can run the organization with no additional help. This allows the staff of the nonprofit organization to keep doing what they're good at—running the ministry.

Customer Challenges

Here is a list of major challenges and issues faced by the organization for which they approached us for a solution:

1. The client was looking for a cloud solution to store the details about their cash/check data securely.

2. They were looking for a technique to generate custom reports of all the transactions within a single day.

3. The client requested to integrate their present system with NPSP.

4. Since they were already using Salesforce, all the development had to be done manually on the Lightning platform.

5. The client also requested a method to process bulk entries within their solution.

6. They wanted to pass the bulk data to a third-party system to calculate taxes, compare results, and for other data processing.


  • Our primary goal was to add all the above features to a one-stop solution.
  • Then later define what success looks like after the implementation.

Our Approach

  • We began our journey into development by having a detailed discussion with the client. It helped us create an outline of the project.
  • We could understand the exact problem through these discussions.
  • Our client was clear on the solution they needed, and we communicated the same to our experts.
  • They came up later with a plan and defined the exact phases of delivery and implementation and explained it to the client.
  • We identified the different channels through which money was coming into the churches.
  • Our team of developers, managers, and experts took time to understand the community and create solutions keeping in mind their noble endeavours.
  • The next phase included creating a unique solution using the Lightning platform.
  • We created a new Lightning page for the component.
  • We also integrated custom reporting with an advanced filter system in the solution.
  • Our team of experts worked on the server and client-side data validation and advance formula implementation.
  • With the custom development done, the next task was to link the custom cash/check component with Salesforce standard NPSP cloud.
  • For this, we had to create custom objects and establish their relationship with NPSP standard objects.
  • The next part was integration with a third-party system to transfer the data and create two-way communication.
  • After all the development was complete, the next mission was to integrate a solution for bulk data processing. We could process the data in bulk so that payments could sync with the Salesforce Opportunity object.
  • In the final phases, we shared the recorded videos with the client. It helped them to operate the system features effortlessly.
  • We also held weekly sessions with the client’s in-house team to help them operate the NPSP easily.
  • We presented the client with proper documentation on how to use the new service.
  • Our team also held one-to-one training with each member of their staff so that they do not need to hire experts to handle the new system for them.

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This is just one more example of how Nuclay influences nonprofit communities in the world to use Salesforce solutions at their finest. We would take this opportunity to remind you to connect with us for any Salesforce related consultation and custom development queries. We are here to help you and get you started with the fresh updates that the platform introduces and implement them in your current system for better operational efficiency. You can drop us an email at to connect directly with our expert team here.

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