Nuclay is a Salesforce technology partner, providing consulting and custom development services. We design cloud solutions for clients across unique industry verticals across the globe. We help both startups and Fortune 500 enterprises get a tailor-made service that fits in their business model and use the best possible computing resources to get the highest performance on their solution.

Client Business Background

The client is a nonprofit organization that cares for the world around them. There is a mission-based community of donors who share their passion and want to reward the nonprofit and their work. This results in 90% of funding coming in from individual donors or foundations. With Nuclay’s Salesforce case management services, nonprofits can streamline their processes around topics such as finance, donor relations, volunteer onboarding and relationship management. This way they can collaborate and organize their mission-driven activities without breaking the bank.

Customer Challenges

The nonprofit was looking for ways to optimize its support services more efficiently. They met with our team of experts to find out the solution to their problems. Following are the key points that they highlighted during the discussion.

1. The nonprofit was using separate tools to manage the cases or support tickets. They needed a one-stop solution to make things easier and more organized.

2. The client asked us to migrate all of their support systems to the cloud.

3. They also pointed out that the distribution of their support cases was challenging for them.

4. The client also needed an efficient, computer-driven solution to help them monitor customer issues.

5. They wanted to have all of their communication channels managed from a single platform.


With Salesforce, nonprofits could close the gap between their capabilities and what's possible in their communities. We helped them along the way to automate donor communications, increase awareness of the impact, and manage cases seamlessly. Here are the two most critical missions we had in helping our clien

  • Goal #1 Create One-Stop Solution: The nonprofit organization requested a simple solution to integrate CRM, email marketing, social media, lead management, analytics, custom reporting, contact, event management, and more from a single platform. Our goal was to offer them all these features through Salesforce case management.
  • Goal #2 Define Success After Implementation: The client wanted numbers and facts to have a simple idea of what the desired outcome will look like after the completion of the project. They wanted to clarify the metrics that will show how much progress is being made from our team..

Solution Offered By Nuclay

Service Cloud is a platform that works for companies in any industry and of any size. It helps customer service teams deliver consistent, high-quality service to their customers every time without requiring expensive custom development. It brings the advantages of an on-demand environment with the cost savings associated with using up-to-date technology.

Our solution was to merge separate sections into a single set using Salesforce case management. We streamlined the intuitive cases, contacts, and opportunity development system that is built into the very heart of the client’s business process. We made it a breeze to route cases and manage them throughout the full sales process.

Our solution for the internet payment gateway provides secure payments online to the customers of the nonprofit. This way the nonprofit could manage donors, payments, events, and other data sources from a single platform.

Our Approach

Nuclay's approach involved doing more than just development. Our experts looked at all the relevant factors to solve the issues of the nonprofit client. We could breakdown the entire process into the following four steps to accomplish our goals:

  • Our team of certified professionals started by discussing the details of the project with the client. We created a rough work plan together to outline what all is essential for the project.
  • We saw that it was important to identify all the communication channels that the company was using.
  • We worked with the nonprofit group to identify their main issues and challenges. Finally we were able to arrive at a problem statement that was both accurate and complete.
  • Our experts started fully exploring each solution to select the best possible one.
  • The team carefully planned the phases of delivery and implementation.
  • We started by designing case assignments for different scenarios.
  • We set up a rule to send an auto-response automatically to customers who have asked a question, and the answer is simply yes or no.
  • The external web page is accessible by anyone on the internet. Our team created a web to case page on the nonprofit website to keep the users updated on what is going on behind the scenes.
  • The next step was to figure out how to configure the email address to the case. This way a case gets created through the mailbox automatically.
  • Nuclay created a Rest API that will get tickets directly from different third-party web pages.
  • Our experts designed a queue of cases to further simplify the support process.
  • For nonprofits that are using Salesforce, it is important to have escalation rules. Our team made sure that the in-house support team leaves no record unattended.
  • The team of experts designed different email templates based on specific events.
  • We also created knowledge articles for smoother functioning with the latest changes.
  • Based on the user, our team set up page layouts or field visibility for different users based on what they need to do.
  • Nuclay team also created custom profiles for each user and gave them access either to certain data or the entire database.
  • The team also added process automation like workflow, process builder, Flow to optimize the process and make it more efficient.
  • The Jira Salesforce connector lets you synchronize data between the Jira and Salesforce platforms. We integrated it into the current system of the nonprofit organization to boost their business.
  • We integrated multiple third-party websites seamlessly using Google Cloud (GC). This showed great performance and was able to streamline the current support system.
  • We shared with the client some recorded videos to help them operate the system features easily.
  • To ensure the continued operation of the NPSP, weekly sessions are being held with the client for handling matters related to its daily operation.
  • We shared documentation regarding the technical changes to the current system with the client.
  • Our team of experts also held one-on-one training sessions with the in-house team to guide them on the changes as per their roles.

Key Highlights of our Solutions

Result and Impact

  • Because of our endeavours, the client reported that they could handle more customer tickets in a month. They made more lasting relationships with their customers and became more popular.
  • With the fresh changes, the support team could respond to customer inquiries faster. This made all the difference by building trust with the end-customer and helped them improve their brand image.
  • We took full advantage of all the resources which are available to the client.
  • Our team developed a knowledge base to help our client meet their customer’s needs in a short time.
  • We eliminated the chance of the support team skipping a support ticket by mistake.

Services Includes

Case management

It comprises the tools that are used to manage the different phases in a case, from initial client communication to a specified end date. It makes it easier to work with cases, see what's happening on a customer’s account, and share information inside and outside the nonprofit company.


It is a method to respond to any incoming email, phone, or other communication channels automatically. We integrated this system into the existing support service that the nonprofit was using. This way they could reach more audiences in a quick turnaround time.

Web to Case

It simplifies the process in which the customer can reach the client. It uses a simple, unauthenticated web page that allows customers to submit cases directly to Salesforce. This can help organizations respond to customers faster, improving their support team’s productivity.


It is a process for resolving an issue that has not been resolved after multiple attempts. It is essential to look into such cases, to offer better support services and maintain trust in the nonprofit brand. We helped to establish escalation rules for when the client did not meet certain standards. It was very useful in the overall popularity of the company.


It is a computer process of defining which processes are to be done next, at a stage where they have been created but not yet started. We helped create a queue for the nonprofit to handle tickets more efficiently.


It is a process where an issue is created from a linked email directly and will be attached to the corresponding case. It ensured that customers receive timely replies that resulted in the fastest process in time to solve problems.

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