Nuclay is a team of highly trained and experienced Salesforce consultants who strive to be the best in the market. With our years of experience, we have a deep understanding of Salesforce features and modules. We work with enterprise companies across industries globally. We implement their Salesforce solutions using a consultative approach that benefits both the business and their clients. Nuclay also helps nonprofits use Salesforce to manage members, donors, finance, investment, advocacy, program management, and more.

Client Business Background

The client is a reputable nonprofit organization that is one of the most innovative one in the world. They are true thought leaders in the nonprofit space and a shining example of how Salesforce can help any organization use their data and mission to make data-driven decisions that positively affect their growth at every touchpoint.

With Salesforce, they have been able to increase visibility and impact across every organization, whether through cleaner data, more strategic decisions, or greater accountability. Nuclay is just helping automate operations and providing solutions, so they can focus on what matters most i.e. serving others.

Customer Challenges

Here are some challenges that the nonprofit faced initially:

1. They had multiple platforms to manage donations and payments. They also had to integrate information manually between the two systems, which took time.

2. They didn't have any way to collect cash data from their customers.

3. Event Management was challenging.

4. Data management was a problem for them because they were using multiple systems for managing their data.

5. They wanted a solution that would be both less expensive and more effective.

6. They wanted to move their data into the cloud computing environment.

7. They wanted a system that would allow them to manage their multiple relationships more effectively.


sAs a Salesforce nonprofit customer, the client had some particular expectations. We understood their concerns and looked for ways to help achieve them. Following are the key pointers that the company had in mind for Salesforce optimization:

  • Cost-efficiency: The nonprofit wanted to control costs with less reliance on IT infrastructure. They were expecting us to add multiple features to the Salesforce platform at no extra cost.
  • Define Success Parameters: The client was looking for data proving that the solution we built would have a positive impact.

Solution Offered By Nuclay

The solution is intended to support the NPSP client in the improvement of customer satisfaction and the optimization of business processes established with each customer of the client.

Our idea was to merge the different sections of the Salesforce modules and also to create a Payment processing system(GC) for the nonprofit. Here is a pictorial representation of the process we followed to achieve this goal:

Donor Management
Payment Solution
Event Management
Manage Other Data Sources

Our solution for the internet payment gateway provides secure payments online to the customers of the nonprofit. This way the nonprofit could manage donors, payments, events, and other data sources from a single platform.

Steps Taken To Achieve This Goal

Our product team worked tirelessly to understand the client’s requirement and suggest a custom solution. Here’s how it happened:

  • First, we had a detailed discussion with the client and created an outline of the unique aspects of the project.
  • Then, our team tried to understand the exact problem and came up with unique solutions to solve the issue.
  • We compared the outcomes and discussed with the client the best course of action. We went ahead with the solution that provided the maximum benefit to the client and started working on it.
  • After we completed a solution, the last step was to define the phases of delivery and implementation. We shared it with the client to update them regularly about the progress.
  • We started by defining the page layouts, the field visibility and defining which fields are necessary and which not.
  • We made sure that each page can generate reports with different fields like the campaign, household, contact, opportunity, recurring donation, batch, etc.
  • Our team also helped design the custom object based on the changes. We made the custom object look like the standard object by implementing a one-to-one relationship.
  • Besides the standard login (username + password), we configured the option to log in with an extra layer of protection. We added the user authentication (MFA), OTP based Login, Time based, IP based login.
  • Different users should get unique levels of access in an organization. For this, we designed the custom profile of different users with their record level access according to their job function.
  • We encrypted the data with the help of SHIELD encryption to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing it. We did this to protect payment-related data that someone can steal if it's not encrypted.
  • Our experts also automated the processes like workflow, process builder, Flow.
  • We started by compiling the data from unique sources and analysing it to get a clearer picture.
  • Our next step was to map the data set with the pre-existing Salesforce objects.
  • Next, we used Salesforce to arrange customer information in a more organized structure.
  • Now that we loaded all the data was into a single table, we could write triggers on that table to update related tables automatically.
  • We created a payment processor for the nonprofit to accept credit cards and take online donations.
  • We even integrated middleware with Salesforce, using NodeJS to allow developers to deploy JavaScript inside Salesforce without coding. It is quick and painless to implement, radically simplifies code maintenance, and makes development less of a hassle.

Note: Node-Salesforce is an isomorphic JavaScript Library using Salesforce’s APIs. It works both in a browser or with NodeJS, and mainly it encapsulates the access to various APIs provided by Salesforce in asynchronous JavaScript function calls.

  • We created and shared recorded videos on how to operate the system features. This made it easier for the nonprofit to understand and work with the fresh changes.
  • Our team held weekly sessions with the client to track and maintain the NPSP.
  • We even shared the documentation about the process with the nonprofit organization so that they could benefit from the information.
  • We also held one-on-one training with the end-users to address individual concerns and explain specific areas of focus.

Key Highlights of our Solutions

Result and Impact

Since introducing them to the new system, the client has managed their household and their relationship efficiently. They could raise more funds so you can invest more in their business. With the help of advanced reports, they got insights that made predicting the donation possible. We could even show results in virtual number or percentage, as they expected.

Our Learning

  • We learned about complex relationship management systems and how they structured data.
  • Cash check is the new tool we developed to help our clients improve their cash flow.

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